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We started this blog to encourage people to travel more while doing it sustainably. Our travel journey begins about a year ago and we have now moved across the world to travel Australia. We love to motivate people to be as vegan as they can, produce less waste, and follow their wanderlust spirit. Come follow us along! 🌏🌿💙

Mimi is originally from the Bay Area and is a Graphic Designer and Travel Writer. She loves to read books, doodle, and plan out the next  adventure.  

Ryan is from Richmond, Virginia and is a Graphic/Web Designer. He spends his time designing, surfing, and being the Youtube editing master.

Britney is a freelance writer originally from the Bay Area. Peep her Instagram for more amazing content.

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Britney Sanchez
A photo of Britney Sanchez
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Thank you for visiting the Traveling Herbivores. If you would like to get in touch please send an email to: travelingherbivores@gmail.com.

e’re open to brand collaborations, media pack available on request.