Playa Brava Teyumakke is a beautiful beach found in Parque Tayrona National Park. Most people traveling to the park like to walk through the edge of the whole park while making pit stops at beaches like Playa Brava. There are a lot of beaches along the shore throughout the entire park, facing the Atlantic Ocean. You can also book a tour to do a 3 or 5 day hike to the lost city. For others that are not so keen on hiking, this is a wonderful place to relax and spend your day by the beach with not a lot of people around. The waves are known to be quite violent and many have lost their lives here, so it is a smart idea to only swim if the waves aren’t crazy that day. We were able to get into the water around mid day.

Such a lovely place to unwind!

Here’s some information before arriving to the park. We found that the only way to get a bed reservation, would be to book in advance with the email shown on the image below. Sometimes they have openings for hammocks, but those are first come, first serve. Or you can bring camping supplies and sleep on the grass. or through whatsapp: +57 – 315 – 230 – 0818

Price breakdown per night:

Cabana Privada + Desayuno = $ 160.000(Private Cabin + Breakfast =  $50 USD)

Cabana Grupal + de 3 personas = $60.000(Group  Cabin of 3 beds = $19 USD)

Hamaca con mosuitero y sabana = $30.000 Hammock with bug net + blanket = $9.50 USD)

Camping = $15.000 ($4.75 USD)

Desayuno = $20.000 (Breakfast $6.50 USD)

Almuerzo = $30.000 (Lunch $9.50 USD)

Cena = $20.000 (Dinner $9.50 USD)

Alquiler mulas  (Mule Rental):

To Calabazo  = $80.000 (Dinner $25.50 USD)

To Cabo  = $120.000 (Dinner $38 USD)

Cabins have 3 beds inside with mosquito net curtains

There are 2 families living at Playa Brava and they have a bunch of friendly pups roaming around the area. They only get reception in a small section of the island or when they come back to the town to pick up supplies, so keep that in mind if they don’t reply to your message quickly. It’s better to book a couple months in advance through WhatsApp or email. Speaking of supplies, they make runs to pick up water or ingredients for food, so sometimes they may run out of stuff at their small convenience store which carries candy, toiletries, snacks, water, etc. The people in charge do speak English and can also cater to vegetarian and vegan diets!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is served in between certain times. So make sure you ask in advance to book a meal!

There is a 20 minute hike that takes you to a gorgeous waterfall and on the other direction, there is a trail that takes you to Pueblito. A town where the Tayrona Colombian natives still live. We sadly were not able to experience it because we thought we were being stalked by jaguars (scary). We should've asked before our hike, but we learned after that there are howling monkeys heard throughout the jungle. Usually they are very far away if you hear them, but if you happen to run into them, the worse they will do is fling poop at you. Which I guess is better than being viciously attacked!

Park Entrance: Make sure you bring cash and your passport!

This is the entrance to the park area. There are signs posted which indicate where to walk to the entrance, which is about a 5 min away. Apparently there is a daily limit on how many people can enter the park, but most of the time it’s the other East entrance that gets filled up quickly. This side (Calabazo) does not, since it is not the most touristy area to enter. It's more for locals or people that know where they're going. Below, I’ll include a price breakdown and remember to bring your passports, since you’ll need it to enter the park.

  • Colombian citizens pay $13.500 per day ($4.30 USD)
  • Everyone else pays $30.750 per day ($9.75 USD)
  • Medical Insurance $2.500 (80¢ per day)

The medical insurance is to help in case something happens while you’re inside the trip. My mom’s friend had a heart attack a couple years ago at the park and they called a helicopter in to help save his life. We’re still kinda confused if the medical insurance really matters, because I’m sure they would have sent somebody either way.

We hope you found this blogpost useful! Please let us know if you have any questions.