I was today years old when I found out that the American government deported 2 million Mexican people (and 60% of them being LEGAL citizens) to give white people the opportunity for jobs. The history that was taught to us as American citizens, is white-washed and skewed in a way to give American’s a sense of patriotism for our “great” country. This country is only great for those that are white and affluent.

President Hoover’s famous slogan used for these raids was to give “American jobs for real Americans.” How can you call yourself a REAL American when you - as an Irish/Italian/Whatever, are an immigrant yourself. Not a single white person came here without immigration. Immigration is the root on what this country was founded on.

In fact, Italian immigrants left their country to escape rape (prima notte), famine (from Basilicata), and for better job opportunities. Many Italians used false names and were stowaways in ships. A lot of Italians came in illegally, how is this different to Mexicans and other immigrants coming into America to seek a better life for their families?

“A growing sea of American nativists — branded the Southern Italians savages and rapists, blaming them for the crime that was on the rise in the United States. The Immigration Act of 1924 barred most Italians from coming into the country. Even though the vast majority of those coming to America were good, honest working people and not criminals.”

Notice a trend in our current state? When white people preach about "having respect and love for our country," to who's country are you referring to? The country that ignores black murder, the country that’s killing Native American women to stop their heritage from living on, or the Native Mexicans that are profiled as being "rapists" and "drug dealers,” just as the Italian immigrants were once called.

One of my favorite songs growing up as a first generation American, was “this land is your land, this land is my land. From California to the New York Island, this land was made for you and me.” We are a melting pot of beautiful differences and bubbling cultures. From the food we eat, to the music we listen to, our common ground as humans is our sense of love and compassion towards one another. THIS is what it means to have pride for your country. The differences in humans is to be celebrated and embraced with open arms.

But when you vote for a racist candidate who’s history is to show bigotry and hate towards other humans.. that’s not pride for your country. That is racism.

We are currently living in what feels like the apocalypse. Everyone is scared and stressed about the future of humanity and how things will play out as Corona virus either gets worse or better. But use that to fuel your passion into something productive. Educate yourself by listening to BIPOC’s stories, hearing things from different perspective’s, and allowing yourself to learn from your mistakes to admit you were wrong. There is so much power in evolving your mindset and growing as a human, for the better. Hold yourself accountable with how you navigate in the world with white lens.

Think twice before you allow your racist family and friends to continue thinking this way. As a white person, you can use your privilege to spark change. Privilege isn’t a bad thing, but it’s HOW you use that privilege that counts. Have difficult conversations and hold other people in your life accountable. This isn't a time to become sad over our world, we are all sad. We have all had our struggles and obstacles to overcome.

If we unite with education, compassion, and spark change, we will make this world better for each and every human. We are all one race after all- the human race.