This recipe was a mistake, but a happy mistake at that. Usually we bake our “chicken” nuggets, marinade them in buffalo sauce, and then make a wrap for dinner. Today, we didn’t have wraps. Then I remembered that back in the day I used to love eating the buffalo chicken salads from Chilis. So we gathered up what materials we had and did our best to come up with a similar version. Which was so tasty and will definitely be a go-to guilty pleasure from now on. Being plant-based isn't about eating healthy, it's about replacing foods that you love to create alternatives that are cruelty-free.


◦ 1 Package of vegan “chicken” tenders – Thrive, Sprouts, and Whole foods have their own brand so just pick your favorite

◦ 1 Head of lettuce

◦ 1/4 bag of spinach

◦ A couple cherry tomatoes

◦ Buffalo Sauce

◦ Vegan Ranch

◦ Avocado

◦ Tortilla Chips

◦ Veggies

1. Cook chickn’ according to the package

2. Cut up lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, or whatever other veggies you have laying around that you fancy

3. Once chickn’ is cooked bring out a medium sized bowl, put buffalo sauce in it, and place chickn’ in it

4. Mix until the sauce is fully coated and let it sit for a couple minutes so it binds to the strips

5. Once it has cooled down, you can cut the chickn’ up and assemble your salad

6. Crush up tortillas on top and add dressing for a final touch

Enjoy your healthy-is but tasty salad! (^∀^)