Ryan and I started talking to each other in a college nutrition class that we took together. Although we didn’t know it at that time, that nutrition class would shape the course of our life. At the time we both loved fast food, eating meat, and didn’t really consider how that might affect our everyday lives. I remember watching a documentary in that class, talking about the dangers of processed food. Mentioning how bad Lunchables are in the video and the damage it does to your body, I made eye contact with Ryan… eating a Lunchable.

Fast forward to a year into our relationship, we adopted a plant-based/vegan lifestyle that has added so much value to our lives.

We still love to pig out on junk food, but in order to have days like that we try to eat as healthy as we can for 90% of the time. Eating healthy can affect your mood, life span, and day to day operations. Healthy foods can impact how you interact with your world. It can help you realize the importance of sustainability, at least that's what it did for us. Eating fresh produce that hasn't been processed or stored in plastic, just makes you feel great. Great for the environment and great for your internal organs too!

A lot of people like to say that they “just don’t get hungry” in the morning. This is because your body gets used to habits like not eating when you’re supposed to. For example, I’m a huge snacker and I usually have snacks after I eat dinner. Since my body has gotten used to that habit, everyday I find it a necessity to snack after ever dinner. To break that cycle, I'm eating smaller and smaller snacks after dinner until my body doesn't feel the necessity to eat after a full dinner. The important thing to note is that you need to create healthy habits, so your body will become accustomed.

To break the cycle of not eating breakfast, start off eating small in the beginning. Maybe just eat a granola bar, a handful of berries, some tea, or have a bowl of cereal around the same time each day. Your body will naturally pick up on these habits and ensure that you are hungry in the morning. Food is fuel, so why not fuel yourself in the morning to make the most out of your day? Some people run on energy from the last day and don't eat until lunch time. Although this may be a quick fix to losing fat, you also aren't getting the daily nutrients that you require. In the long run that will cause way more issues. It's important and wonderful to eat, so eat!

Here's some vegan options for breakfast. We don't like to eat heavy because it makes us feel lethargic, so we will eat a medium sized meal.

  • Cereal with mylk (oat, casher, almond, soy, whatever your favorite is at the moment)
  • Steel cut oats with fruits
  • Easy avocado toast with tomatoes on top
  • Tofu or potato scramble if we have some more time

Coffee in the morning is great, but consuming too much can cause dangers too. It can cause insomnia, headaches, dehydration, anxiety, and more. So we try to only consume one cup per day and try to skip out on it when we have enough energy to keep us going until lunch time. Monday’s are usually the best time to drink coffee for me, because I’m tired from the weekend and in the need of a good pick me up.

So many ways to enjoy coffee! Add some mylk to add some essential vitamins and minerals

Some great hydration that you can enjoy throughout the day include coconut water, tea, and kombucha. Coconut water is great for hydrating and provides more nutrients than regular water. It lowers your blood sugar levels and helps support a healthy heart. To drink sustainable coconut water, try to find some that is sold in carton or glass packaging, so that it can be recycled afterwards. Also adding fresh squeezed lemon to water can spice it up a bit, if you are having a hard time drinking regular water.

Tea is great and depending on which one you buy, you can get some great added antioxidants. Every herb is different, so I usually like to cycle through different types of tea to add a variety of nutrients through the months. When buying tea, make sure it isn't wrapped in plastic. There is no need for plastic packaging since the box the tea comes in will protect it in transit already.

Kombucha is another great choice to drink throughout the day. You can be zero-waste and brew your own, but we find it easier to just buy some from the supermarket. There are hundreds of different brands and they usually always come in glass packaging. Just be weary of plastic caps, so stick to the ones that are 100% plastic free packaging. Kombucha is great for your gut flora and can help with balancing the bacteria inside of your stomach. I find that a lot of the times when I break out with acne, it's because I'm not consuming a lot of fermented foods. Try not to overdo it on this drink though, because too much can lead to other problems, since it does have a lot of fermentation and sugar.

Kombucha can give you a bit of a caffeine buzz if you want something to wake you up

Juice and smoothies are also a great way to get vitamins throughout the day. Orange and apple juice are some of our favorites, but they do contain a lot of sugar. It's better to get ones that have no added sugars, since all you need is the natural sugar that comes directly from the fruit. We prefer drinking smoothies, because the added fiber helps with digestion and keeps you fuller for longer. Green juices are something we drink once in a while and have found that it gives us a good mood and energy boost throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the importance of eating and drinking healthy in the morning. Although jumping to a healthy lifestyle can be a bit daunting, just remember that every time you eat something that's good for you, you'll have one more excuse to enjoy that beautiful slice of pizza. Balance is key!