When we first found out about Ocean Hugger, we were so excited to learn that the product wasn’t too far from us in California. On Ocean Hugger’s website, they have a directory to find a vendor near you. Thankfully the Bay Area is pretty progressive, so the closest one we found was in Oakland, but there’s also grocery stores in Berkeley and SF that have it as well.

The New York based company has created a flesh-like textured tomato that gives us a similar consistency to tuna. Although it is missing the extreme fishiness taste, this “ahimi” is still incredibly delicious.

Vegan tuna rolls from Whole Foods

We picked it up at Whole Foods and were expecting to have it in packaging that we can assemble ourselves. We found out that they carried the product in the same bin as the real pre made sushi rolls that is sold at Whole Foods. We also speculated that it was a day old in the fridge, so that impacted the freshness of the taste. Here's our honest opinion on what we thought.

Ryan thought that it did have a sort of salty taste to it, but it wasn’t too over bearing. It also had a dash of sweetness to it (probably since they make it out of tomato) that brought all the flavors in together nicely. The rice also didn’t taste that fresh which kinda threw us off at first. The texture definitely looks like the real thing, but isn't. Which might be a good thing since most vegans don't like the texture of flesh anyways.

The seasoning used for the tuna was really flavorful and it definitely gave us a throwback to when we used to eat sushi. We would surely buy it again, but hopefully next time we are able to enjoy it freshly made. It seems as though the company wants to sell directly to companies and restaurants that can use the ahimi in poke bowls, rolls, etc. and not directly to the consumer.

We have over fished tuna and about 90% of the world’s predatory fish are already gone. (Source)

With innovations like Ahimi, we are moving in the right direction to create a sustainable future that ensures future generations will be able to have fish in their lifetime. Ocean Hugger does plan on making more vegan fish meats, such as eel, salmon, etc. We can’t wait to follow them on their journey and see what other great foods they come up with!

Be sure to check them out on Instagram too so you can keep up with new restaurants that are carrying their tasty product around the world ^ω^ We also created this video where we talk more about the tuna.